21 things I don’t understand about Peppa Pig

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Things I don't understand about Peppa Pig

I have watched a lot of Peppa Pig over the years. I’m sure most of you reading this have too. I was hoping my eldest two would have started to grow out of it by now. But no. Even though their TV viewing tastes have matured a lot over the years, Little Miss E, 5½, and Little Man O, 3¾, are still partial to an episode or five of Peppa. And now Baby Boy I is starting to take notice of it too.

I’ve watched so many episodes of Peppa I swear it could be my Mastermind specialist subject. Yet there are still so many things that baffle me about the show. 21 things in fact.

Are there any you would add to the list? You can comment below, tweet me on @cardiffmummy or join in the discussion on the Cardiff Mummy Says Facebook page.

Things I don't understand about Peppa Pig

1. Why is George the only one whose name isn’t alliterated? Peppa Pig, Susie Sheep, Danny Dog, Zoe Zebra, Rebecca Rabbit. You get the picture. Why isn’t he called Peter. Or Paul. Or Percy? Just think of the tie-ins they could have had with Marks and Spencer’s Percy Pig sweets with that name.

2. What are Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig’s actual names? What were they called before they became parents? And why does no one ever call them by their first names? I don’t call my friends Mummy Smith or Mummy Jones. It’s freaky!

3. How much does Miss Rabbit earn in an average year with all those jobs? And what’s her tax bill like?

4. And what if Miss Rabbit had children? Would she be called Mummy Rabbit too, like her sister? Or is she stuck as Miss Rabbit forever?

5. Because, you see, even in the presence of her nieces and nephews she is still Miss Rabbit and not Auntie.

6. And even more confusingly, why do Peppa’s cousins not call their own parents Mummy and Daddy Pig? Why are they only ever called Uncle and Auntie?

7. Why have my children never asked why Miss Rabbit and Nanny Plum from Ben and Holly sound so similar?

8. Does Peppa have a huge collection of red dresses to keep her going through the week or is Mummy Pig just really good at keeping on top of the washing? (Because we know it won’t be the hapless Daddy Pig doing the washing.)

9. Which washing powder do the Pig family use – and where can I get some from, because their clothes are always so spotless?

10. Why do some animals speak and not others? Why do we never hear from the ducks, spiders and goldfish?

11. Why are all the animals the same size? In what other land are elephants and rabbits equal?

12. And on that note, why is Mr Potato so big?

13. Why is the Queen human? Why isn’t she a lioness or a badger or something?

14. Does Daddy Pig have parents? I’ve seen Mummy Pig’s plenty of times, but never his. Were they turned into sausages or something?

15. Why are there so many hills in Peppa Pig land? Who designed that town?! How did they ever get planning permission to build a house at the top of such a high hill?

16. Why does everyone have such wildly different accents? Cockneys, Welshies, Northern, French… the lot! What is the native accent for Peppa Pig land?

17. Do the mummies ever go out together and drink too much Prosecco and moan about the daddies or how tired they are from kids who won’t sleep?

18. What happens when Peppa grows up and there are no other pigs in town for her to marry?

19. How do they not hurt themselves when they fall straight down onto the floor laughing?

20. Are there any episodes that I’ve not seen?

21. Why do my children still like it so much? We’ve already been watching it for four years. How many more years lie ahead?! Will I ever be free of the piggy? Will I miss her when she no longer graces our screens?

Any other things that baffle you about Peppa Pig? I’d love to know! You can comment below, tweet me on @cardiffmummy or join in the discussion on the Cardiff Mummy Says Facebook page.

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63 Comments to 21 things I don’t understand about Peppa Pig

  1. I have a feeling that you might have seen every episode that they have, The damn pig has some draw to children everywhere! My mum said that she will miss daddy pig if it ever ends but George is a whinger.
    I’ve always asked why George isn’t Percy as well, it makes no sense!

  2. This is just brilliant. And I couldn’t agree more on all points. Also I don’t understand how miss rabbit can run all those jobs. You certainly can’t in the real world.
    Even if the spider doesn’t talk it laughs. lol

  3. All told, I’ve been lumbered with watching Peppa for about 6 years now – and yet they still keep showing episodes I haven’t seen before. It still amuses me that Grandpa Pig is actually Parker from Thunderbirds, and that the likes of Brian Blessed and Alexander Armstrong also lend their vocal talents.

    Also, I do wonder how worn out the handbrake on Daddy Pig’s car must get always parking on that ridiculously steep hill they live on.

    I should probably stop thinking so much …

    • Grampy Rabbit – Rebecca’s, Richard’s, and the twins’ maternal grandfather and Mummy Rabbit’s and Miss Rabbit’s father. He is voiced by Brian Blessed.

      Wikipedia never lies lol 😉

  4. Mummy Pig. She’s on the computer and won’t let Peppa and George on sometimes. They’re desperate for a game of Happy Mrs Chicken. She’s busy playing Candy Crush or Mumsnetting, isn’t she?! 🙂

  5. Also peppa’s cousins Chloe and Alexander don’t match. Peppa is the only strange name, Pippa would have been better.

  6. It’s only the mammals that talk (and a potato, but that might be a hedgehog rolled in clay) birds, insects and spiders have to rely on single syllables or blinking to communicate!

  7. The pig is banned in my house. My nephew tried before I had kids “we watch eppa iggs?” No peppa doesn’t work in Aunty’s house! And so far we’re a CBeebies and fireman Sam house. I dread the nursery years when he comes home asking about it! I just can’t stand them all falling over when laughing, how are they not causing foundation damage t their home every time a very large pig and his famous hit the deck from giggling?! Very irritating!

  8. And yet I bet we have all found ourselves sitting there still avidly watching the soap opera antics of Peppa Pig and her friends all on our own once the kids are in bed/at school or playing in the garden!
    P.s it spooked me out when her voice changed between series, the first Peppa obviously reaching maturity way before the creators thought Peppa’s appeal would last!
    She is soon becoming a national treasure… Go Peppa!

  9. Joe dines

    My ten year old daughter and six year old son have just gone through a phase of watching it after a break of many years!! So you may need to prepare for the long hall!

  10. Catherine Owen

    How old is Madam Gazelle she has taught the parents and Peppa and friends and how does Miss Rabbit get to the moon to serve in the shop. I think miss Rabbit should have a pay rise she works harder than all the parents put together.

  11. Every time Daddy Pig parks the car, it is always facing the other way when he returns to the car so he can just jump in and drive off!!

  12. Do you want the simple answer to all of those questions s?

    It’s a cartoon for young children.

  13. When they go to the playschool in the time capsule episode all the parents have known each other since they were toddlers yet mummy n daddy pig are the only couple. Then in the music episode daddy says he used to play his accordian to mummy pig when they first met!!
    I laughed at this post bcos its on so much in my house that we forget to turn it over when littlies are out or in bed n have been known to be glazed over to peppa pig at 11pm!! My 30mth daughter has learnt so much frm it….it prepared her for her 1st plane flight 2mths ago n she was telling me abt the dentist n tooth fairy recently. I do like that the women are capable women who work fly helicopters n drive buses n fire engines tho!!!
    Ps mr bull is strangely “rugged” isn’t he??? & don’t even get me started on baby alexander crying…….

    • Cardiff Mummy Says

      Haha, yes, I’ve found myself absent-mindedly watching it when my children are in bed. Great point about there being so many strong female role models doing all those professions!

  14. Its just a fricken cartoon for kids, why do the adults pick fault in everything, does it really matter why its made the way it is. My daughter loves it and so do a million other kids it keeps them happy so just leave it, and if u dont luke it do something else!

  15. LOL! I watch far too much of it too. I have asked myself these questions many a time. What does Mummy Pig do as a job? I reckon she’s a blogger. Do you think??! Great post 🙂 Jess x

  16. suzanne3childrenandit

    There is something eerily creepy about Peppa Pig and its powers. Even my teenagers have been known to sit and veg in front of Peppa! I love your questions though, particularly around them being called Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig ad infinitum. How weird!

    • Cardiff Mummy Says

      That’s so funny they are still watching it as teenagers. Yes, Peppa certainly does have powers. A national treasure!

  17. Hahahaha this is brill! I’ve asked myself most of these too! Especially the ducks! WHY don’t they SPEAK?! Also I thought Gus had grown out of it but he’s more than happy to watch it when Joni wants to ….which is both brilliant and perplexing!

    • Cardiff Mummy Says

      Haha! Mummy Pig sometimes does her work on the computer, but I have no idea what she actually does!

  18. tombriggs79

    All good points! I’d add ‘Why are all the male characters fundamentally useless?’ too. Us dads aren’t portrayed in a very flattering light on that cartoon!

  19. Peppa Pig is pretty much the only show all 3 of my kids sit still for 5 minutes to watch. The accents get me, where are these animals all living? And the hills! My favourite part was Mr Fox sneaking around Grandad Pig’s chickens, and why can’t the chickens talk? They have to be animals apparently…

    • Cardiff Mummy Says

      Yes, the accents confuse me too! They all have completely different accents so who knows where they are supposed to live! It’s odd about the animals but yes, I think it’s mammals that talk and the rest don’t. V confusing!

  20. Steve Eldridge

    My daughter had to recreate the gagging in the dentists chair, cos that’s what you do when you go to the dentist, just like peppa, oh and none of the cousins are alliterative , baby Alexander and Chloe.

  21. Peppa explained quite nicely how “in the olden days” she was a baby. Helps Miss now 3 as she had thought all the baby photos (of her) were her baby brother. Now if I show her one she tells me that’s her “in the olden days”. Hubby wonders what she thinks our childhood was!

  22. I’ve become convinced throughout this show that the creators have a secret history they’re just not telling anyone.
    Combine the fact that you have super sentient animals, a single living human of obvious royalty, and the townsfolk’s casual attitudes towards what would be catastrophic flooding…

    At some point the planet underwent a massive cataclysm. All humanity were wiped out, save a very few people who were able to hide themselves away- for example, if anyone in England would be expected to survive an event, it would be the Queen.

    She made it. Her people did not. Note that when they visit the Queen’s Castle it is COMPLETELY devoid of all life except for her. No guards, no servants- just the Queen, sitting alone on her throne, when Peppa and co visit.

    The catastrophic weather anomaly causes the planet to flood on a frequent and regular basis. The only survivors were the few remaining humans and the results of a genetic experiment designed to instill human characteristics into animals. These creatures, blissfully unaware of where they came from, became accustomed to their situation.

    So you have a society entirely of similar-sized, hyper-intelligent animals that live on the very tops of hills and swear fealty to the singular human left on the planet.

  23. Peppa fans in the USA

    Is everyone here from Britain/UK? Seems like it. We love this show in America too!! Especially all the litrle nuances and differences between UK and USA slang, like Sat Nav (we call GPS), Nappies (we call Diapers) etc etc. And we LOOOOOVE the accents. Marvelous. One question – Is Madame Gazelle a vampire? I ask this because there is a Halloween Peppa book and Suzy Sheep notices that Madame Gazelle does not make a reflection in a mirror, and I thought how bizarre to turn one character into a vampire, and the schoolteacher no less! Hyyyysterics over that one in my house. My 2 and 7 year old sons (and yes, mommy and daddy too) cant tear our eyes away from this show when its on TV. We all lean in for Peppa and George’s antics. The writers have an incredible knack for understanding the way children relate to each other and to grown-ups. Well done, UK!!!

  24. Hysterical! I have a 3 year old who recently introduced us to peppa pig. The snorting is what gets me. Tickles me pink every time I hear it. Your questions are very valid indeed!

  25. I love this. Many questions I’ve been pondering over her in America too. My 2 1/2 year old son days Peppa is his best friend, he wants her to call him. Nickelodeon has the birthday call, but that’s not until April. I hope he enjoys the Peppa family toy figures he’s getting for Christmas!

  26. This was awesome! Thanks. I would like yo know why the show is called Peppa Pig but many of the other characters and narrator call her pepper?

  27. Ever notice how smart Daddy Pig is? He’s the real clever clogs. And everyone just dismisses his theories as magic.
    Father Christmas is a human too.
    I always thought there were a hundred Miss Rabbits(you know… Multiplying like rabbits and all) until the episode where she gets a medal from the Queen.

  28. As others have mentioned, Chloe and Alexander don’t have alliterative names either. Neither does Joey Kangaroo (Kylie’s little brother), although his name makes sense, since “joey” is a term for a baby kangaroo.

    Is Belinda Bear any relation to Dr. Brown Bear? And is Mrs. Cow any relation to Mr. Bull? In the episode “Naughty Tortoise” she’s called Mummy Cow. Who are her kids?

    I’ve noticed various characters that idle in the background. Are they any relation to the main and recurring characters? Some of them appear to be recolors of the main characters.

    Is it just me, or does Mummy Pig grow a slight Cockney accent in “Around the World with Peppa” when she says “Yuck! It sounds ‘orrible!” Brits with posh accents don’t drop their H’s.

    How come Richard Rabbit’s toy dinosaur is red in some episodes and purple in others? Maybe he has two differently colored dinosaurs.

    I’ve noticed that in some episodes, the car is drawn with the steering wheel on the left like in America. I’ve also noticed that in some episodes, the computer voices sound American. And while Brits normally call cookies “biscuits”, in some episodes they actually say “cookies”. I guess this all worked better in the short-lived American dub.

    In the episode “Mr. Fox’s Shop”, Peppa and George only have one penny and two buttons in their piggy bank, and Mr. Fox accepts that much for a giant teddy bear that looks like it costs more than that. So either he sells stuff dirt cheap or he just has a soft spot for Peppa and George. Also, who the heck accepts buttons as money?

    How come George has two voice actors? I guess even animated shows cast both twins when one is chosen for a certain role.

  29. One more thing I forgot to mention: How come only Daddy Pig is teased about his big tummy? All of the adult male characters have big tummies, but only Daddy Pig is teased about his big tummy.

  30. Here’s another thing I don’t understand. In some episodes, when all the kids make their respective animal noises, Rebecca Rabbit just giggles instead of squeaking. I have no idea why.

  31. I just had to add that my children think it’s hilarious that their mother has the same first name as grandpa dog:/

  32. In the episode “George’s Wooly Hat”, how the heck did Granny Pig manage to keep George’s hat clean after handling it with dirty hands?

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